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20th July 2014

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Anonymous said: I just finished all 4 seasons of soul eater and I was wondering of there's a another season or another one is coming soon and also what anime should I watch next?

Soul Eater NOT! is a spin off of Soul Eater. It’s 12 episodes long.

I would give you the link to my anime list, but my username is the same as my personal url and I want to keep my personal private. I’m just write down some of my favorite series

Ouran High School Host Club, Noragami, Kill La Kill, Fairy Tail, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Fullmetal Alchemist (both 2003 and Brotherhood), Mirai Nikki, and Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt.

Maybe the followers can help!

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20th July 2014

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rinhatchimu14 said: I have a strange ship...I ship Crona x Maka + Kid x Black*star. Would that work?

Those ships are not strange ship at all! I know some people that like CroMa and Death*Star. They’ll work from the way you want to see them. Seriously, don’t feel bad about shipping them.

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20th July 2014

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khjunkie said: Hi um quick question do you ship/ crossover crona x noël ( from sound of the sky) I always thought they were really cute cos there both quiet and kinda troubled you can just sorta imagine them hugging each other, but I wanted other peoples opinions

For those who seen Sound of the Sky, what do you guys think

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20th July 2014

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by 御井

by 御井

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8th July 2014

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by 普通の人

by 普通の人

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30th June 2014

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Anonymous said: I've always felt like Kid and Tsubaki would be a good couple, due to Tsubaki being chill and handling things so easily. I don't think she'd mind his OCD, and also would probably help out a lot.

The funny thing is that I was actually thinking about this a few days ago because in that tomodachi life game for the 3DS, Kid and Tsubaki would ask me to hook up.

Anyways, I can see that! Tsubaki is so calm and quiet that Kid may able to relax. If she handle being with Black Star I’m sure she have the patience with Kid.

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30th June 2014

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toxicraindropss-deactivated2014 said: If Death the Kid ever did have a girlfriend (or boyfriend, depending his sexual preference), do you think he'd be a passionate lover (long make-out sessions, all that lemon stuff), a hopelessly devoted romantic (sends flowers to your door step for no reason, buys you chocolate and stuffed teddy's or whatever he thinks is cute), or else a adorkable lover (takes you on sweet dates, says those cheesy pickup lines, always has an arm or hand on you, always telling guys to back away)?

part 2: My last ask ran out of room! It was what type of romantic DTK would be. The last option was the over protective one (never letting you talk to a guy unless he’s around you, or you’re talking to his dad, doesn’t want you fighting without him by your side, reads your texts with people)

I feel like Kid would be a hopelessly, devoted romantic and an adorkable lover. Like, I see him as a type of boyfriend that would try to be the best boyfriend ever, but he has a hard time expressing himself and not try to rush into things. He just wants you to feel love

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30th June 2014

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BxS by Ely-Lain

BxS by Ely-Lain

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19th June 2014

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Anonymous said: It's not really a ship but, I've read some fanfictions where Death the Kid has some sort of eating disorder. I'm kinda surprised, but I find the idea (him having an eating disorder) actually believable. I mean with his obsessive tendencies and need for perfection. Plus there's likely a lot of pressure on him to be as great as his dad. With all of these stressors and such, is it so odd to think something like that could develop?

I guess that kinda makes sense, but he’s a shinigami, so nothing really effects him. I’m not saying that you’re wrong, it could happen. It stated that hair dye won’t work on his hair and heat doesn’t effect him, but it never stated what he can do to his own body. 

Maybe trying to impress a lot of people because his father is well known or trying to be the perfect son anyone could have.

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19th June 2014

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im-serious-guys said: I'm a little weird and I really ship tsubaki and mifune. Do you think that they would be cute together, both as a weapon mister relationship and fluff?

I guess they make a cute couple. All fluff and everything.

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